In 2010, Walter was 55 years old and weighed 268lbs. He was a heart attack survivor and realized some dramatic life-changes were needed.  With the help of a wonderful wife, a loving family, and a higher power, he began his transformation. He wanted to regain the youthful enthusiasm that he had once felt for life.  This meant looking at what he believes to be the three pillars for a productive and meaningful life: spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

It began in 2013. His eldest daughter came home from a local CrossFit gym and challenged him to try it.  He joined his daughter the next week and has been going ever since.

“More important than the competitions and awards, it has led to a life style and community that I have come to love.  I am not fighting off “old age”, but embracing it and challenging myself every day I walk into the gym.  One of my fellow 60+ competitors has a saying that every day you walk through the gym door, you have already won.”  – Walter Corcoran


  • CrossFit Level 1 (CF-L1) Trainer
  • Qualifying 4 years in a row for the 60+ CrossFit Games On-line Qualifier
  • Ranking 42nd in the world 2 years ago in the CrossFit On-line Qualifier
  • Ranking 7th in the world my first year in one of the technical lifts for the 60+ age category